iDEASiNPUT™ is an independent abstract thinking and ideas consultancy focused on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DeFi and Crypto Economics. Taking the lead as a Crypto Economist & working with individuals, businesses and institutions helping them develop their own digital communities and economies. By engaging with internal development teams we find solutions for various problems and streamline business operations and practices using Blockchain technology.

iDEASiNPUT™ applies comprehensive relevant industry knowledge to give projects uniqueness and to strengthen them for market entry. With idea generation and inputting diverse and distinctive plans and strategies we cover all aspects of a blockchain ecosystem and therefore develop a sustainable and robust digital economy. 


iDEASiNPUT™ Will help you think further afield, encouraging you to widen your scope while at the same time stress testing your ideas & plans to prepare you for the worse possible challenges in the future. 


Through out the years iDEASiNPUT™ has worked on a wide range of projects associated with Consumables/FMCG, Electronic equipment, Innovative Technologies (Nanotechnology, Study of Organic & Inorganic Polymers), Sustainable Developments, Web and Mobile Applications, IT Infrastructure and Security, Entertainment, Telecoms, Utilities (Distributed Generation), Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Finance. 

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Since 2010 the primary focus for iDEASiNPUT™ has been e-Money and digitalisation of value. With that came Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. This industry is still young but it is increasingly expanding at a fast pace towards a brighter future.

iDEASiNPUT™ dedicates its time and effort to introduce, educate and advise individuals, businesses and institutions and to provide an overall support for this phenomenon and its market ecosystem.


iDEASiNPUT™ considers it self as one of few proactive independent contributors in this arena as it provides consultancy for adoption and full utilization of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and the technologies, products and services related to Digital and Decentralised Finance. 


iDEASiNPUT™ has worked on customized solutions for the financial, legal, utilities and gaming & gambling sectors using Blockchain which is the core technology behind Cryptocurrencies. The work in this field is very unique and iDEASiNPUT™ is happy that it has been able to combine and utilize it's knowledge and expertise along with the technologies available at it's disposal to fulfill the increasing demands for solutions with high security, efficiency and transparency laid out in a decentralisd format across multiple sectors. 

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